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How to use jQuery Validation plugin and jQuery Forms plugin with xVal

Jan 3, 2010 at 8:22 PM

I just wrote up a long how-to over on Stack Overflow on how to use xVal along with the jQuery Validation plugin as well as the jQuery Forms plugin.  It's not xVal-specific, but it came about while trying to weave these three technologies together and the specific issues that I've run into:

  • Calling ajaxSubmit when client-side validation is successful (using the submitHandler option on the call to validate).
  • Updating the form with a JSON encoded object when the call to the server is made.
  • Where to place the call to <%= Html.ClientSideValidation<Model>("model") %> 
    when using the jQuery Validation plugin and jQuery Forms plugin together (this part is very, very important due to the fact that xVal calls rules("add", options), which has caveats).

Hopefully, it will be of help to people when trying to use xVal with these technologies and it can be found here: